BlattWerk was founded in 2016 by the internationally recognized musicians Martin Bliggenstorfer (oboe), Jonas Tschanz (saxophone), Elise Jacoberger (bassoon), Richard Haynes (bass clarinet), and Nils Kohler (clarinet). The five play on woodwind instruments, each of which creates sound with a reed. The extremely versatile sound ranges from chamber music intimacy to radiant orchestral power. Their repertoire is broad, performing original pieces from the last thirty years as well as new versions of piano and orchestral works.

BlattWerk’s name has room for interpretation: on the one hand, it stands for the interaction of its five members, the harmony between the players. On the other hand, it underscores the musical energy emanating from the ensemble.

Outside of their work at the BlattWerk Quintet, the musicians are regular guests of such ensembles as the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and Berner Symphonieorchester, the Philharmonia Z├╝rich and Basel Sinfonietta, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, the Klangforum Wien, and Ensemble Proton Bern, the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ensemble Music Factory.